Summer is around the corner, bringing you the season of sultry heat. You may require to fire up your air conditioner after many months of dormancy. Your HVAC system has been sitting still through a long, daunting winter. You might need to tune up your air conditioner for the oncoming season. You can connect to a contractor by searching AC contractor near me on the internet.

An ideal AC tune-up covers certain features, which include all essential improvements to your air conditioner. These services help to restore the maximum efficiency of the air conditioner system. They include –

  • Replace The Air Filter

The first AC part that a technician diagnosis is the air filter. It is responsible for efficient airflow, and the health of an air conditioner depends on it to a significant extent.

  • Inspect The Space Around The Equipment

The space around the equipment should be clear without any obstructions. Next, a technician inspects the area around the equipment and does the necessary cleaning.

  • Ensure Installation Quality

The air conditioner is checked for the quality of its installation. It may include the changes made in the prior diagnoses, repairs, and the comprehensive warranty of the HVAC system.

  • Inspect Correct System Operation

The technician checks the HVAC system for its operation. He might need to inspect the entire system to check all possible issues.

  • Calibrate The Thermostat

A correctly calibrated thermostat is vital to the efficiency of an air conditioner system. He is likely to inspect the thermostat and calibrate it.

  • Survey Safety Controls And Secure All Electrical Connections

Safety is necessary when dealing with a complicated appliance like AC. A technician ensures that all safety devices like circuit breakers are functional.

  • Determine Voltage And Amperage Of The System

An air conditioner should work optimally to be efficient. This is possible when it receives sufficient current. Then, a technician determines the voltage and amperage of the system.

  • Evaluate Heating/Cooling Cycles

A healthy air conditioner should alternate heating and cooling cycles periodically. He would inspect the cycles for any irregularities and their underlying causes.

  • Examine And Clean Blower Components And Gauge System Airflow

Once the air filters are cleaned, a technician further inspects the exhaust fan and other blower components. He then checks the airflow through the filters.

  • Measure And Fine-Tune The Refrigerant Charge, If Needed

The technician would measure the coolant charge in the HVAC system. He may make adjustments to it if he finds it necessary.

  • Clean The Condenser And Evaporator Coils

The condenser is the heart of the HVAC system. Therefore, it should be clean, dust-free, and without any blockage. The technician is skilled in cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils meticulously.

  • Inspect The Condensate drain pipes

The drain pipes may have growths of algae or moss. Biocidal treatments may help to get rid of the likely blockages that may develop due to these growths.

A tune-up includes all diagnoses and repairs that restore the optimum working condition of the air conditioner. An early tune-up is a great investment that pays for itself.

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