Emergency A/C Service in Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, TX.

Emergency A/C Service & Emergency Air Conditioning Repair In Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, Katy, Cypress, Houston, The Woodlands, Texas.

Have AC emergency in north Houston? There are many times when an ac emergency is equivalent to being a potential health emergency. Heat-related illnesses are serious, and they can be deadly.
While you are waiting for qualified technicians to repair your air conditioner, be careful to tend to your personal safety in the extreme heat. The following are additional tips:
  • Drink more than the usual recommended amount of water for you. Limit alcohol consumption.
  • Eat light meals that are well-balanced.
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothes that cover as much of your skin as possible. Light clothing reflects sunlight and heat and helps maintain normal body temperature.
  • Avoid strenuous activities. Slow down.
  • If there is a prolonged heat wave, seek an air-conditioned shelter until your AC is fixed. Even a short reprieve from the heat can be beneficial to your health in those circumstances.
One of our services is providing air conditioning repair during hot summer months, when it is always critical.
Give us a call for air conditioning maintenance, to avoid a crisis, or for an ac emergency in north Houston.