Air conditioners are not built for extended periods of functioning. Rather, an AC is at its peak until it hits the tenth year of functioning. Though, this period is only a best-case scenario. Sometimes, some unlucky homeowners may even have major problems before that. Thus, they are pushed towards investing in a new air conditioner.

Factors That Call For Air Conditioner Replacement In Tomball, TX

As mentioned above, a desire to replace an AC becomes stronger as the unit starts to deteriorate from the inside out. A few factors that should be a cause for concern include –

  • Outdated Components

Air conditioners are constantly being upgraded to become more efficient or function for longer. The older models are far more inferior in comparison to the newer versions. The primary reason being the type of refrigerant that is used. That is, older models contain the R22 refrigerant which has proven to be harmful to the environment. Since it is now out of fashion, repairing older ACs proved to be challenging.

  • Increased SEER

The seasonal efficiency ratio is the standard means of measurement concerning the efficiency with which it cools a space. The older models possess a mere rating of 13. However, the newer versions can cool a room with a whopping 22 SEER rating.

  • More Convenience

Investing in new units will lead to a decrease in the number of breakdowns. Therefore, an individual does not have to face the problem of frequent breakdowns. In addition to this, getting the AC back up and running involves more inconveniences if the breakdown occurs in the summer. Not to mention the decrease in utility bills.

  • Compliance with Regulation

In an attempt to encourage investment in more efficient and environmental options, the government has put forward tax incentives that come with newer models. In addition to this, a unit that possesses the outdated R-22 refrigerant tends to be more difficult to repair.

Problems With Ac Replacement Tomball, TX, In The Summer

Replacing an AC also requires a certain strategy. Be it the time of the year or the type of AC one is investing in, the decision can have lasting consequences. However, despite differing opinions on which model to opt for, the consensus is that ac replacement in the summer is always a bad idea.

The right time to carry out replacements would be in the spring. The reason being that the units are much more readily available during this season instead of the summer. Another advantage of purchasing a unit during the spring will also mean that one need not have to deal with the inflated prices. The reason being that units are much more expensive during the summer because many homeowners will look to replace or buy units during this time.

Thus, it becomes clear that replacing a unit does prove to be a more financially viable option in place of repairing once the unit starts to age. You can visit the Air United Mechanical website to get in touch with experienced technicians offering AC replacement in Tomball, TX.