It is quite common to get nervous about spraying water on your air conditioner while cleaning. We all have been there in our childhood learning that it is hazardous to spray water on electrical devices. However, it is safe to spray water on your air conditioner. Let us learn more about it in detail.

Spraying water on your air conditioner while cleaning is safe. It even helps the air conditioner’s conders to work efficiently. It might be surprising but your condenser needs regular spritzing to perform in its peak form. Nevertheless, you should be careful while spraying because you do not want the dry parts of the AC wet. IF you accidentally spray on any dry parts while spraying water on the condenser, you could potentially fry the machine. It is advisable to call for service by searching for an ac contractor near me.

Cleaning The Air Conditioner

You can use any water spraying device or a simple garden hose to clean your air conditioner. You do not have to be extra careful while cleaning because there’s nothing that could go wrong. Simply run the water from top to bottom and clean.

Benefits Of Spritzing

Spraying water on your air conditioner can do wonders for your air conditioner when done properly. The following are some of the advantages of spritzing.

  • Enhance Efficiency

When you spray the condenser with water, you are encouraging it to evaporate the water which will help it to cool off easily. With this, the need for energy is reduced. If the condenser can cool off quickly, then it needs to work less and takes less energy. Reduce in energy intake means you can save on your electricity bills.

  • Keeps The Air Conditioner Clean

Spraying water on your air conditioner will remove the particles and debris that build up over time in the vents. As these particles build up, your air filter gets dirty, which causes many problems. Sometimes your air filters cannot catch all the debris, and some of it enters the system and clog up the machine. When this happens, you will end up in costly repairs searching for an air conditioning tune-up near me. Avoid this situation and spray your AC regularly with water.

  • Increases Lifespan

Since spraying water on Ac enhances its efficiency, it directly increases its lifespan too. As the air conditioner has to work less because of the quick condenser cooling due to spraying, it will last longer. A device that lasts longer will help you save money instead of replacing it with a new model every season. Buying a new air conditioner at the peak of the season will cost immense amounts. Therefore with spraying water on your air conditioner device, you are improving its durability while saving bucks.

You now know that it is entirely safe to spray water on your air conditioner as long as you do not get the insides wet. If you find cleaning your device tiresome, contact us at (281) 719-0722 where we are available 24/7 to service all your needs.