Remember to pay special attention to your ACs coils, as they are one of the most critical components. When your evaporator coils become dirty, your air conditioner’s efficiency, performance, and reliability can suffer. It’s the evaporator coils that do the dehumidification for your air conditioner.

Dust, pollen, and other particles can be found in the air that blows across the coils. As a result of the dehumidification process, contaminants can easily adhere to the coils. Unclean or missing air filters can increase the amount of material that comes into contact with your evaporator coil.

The problems when coils become dirty:

  • Diminished ability to cool
  • Increased consumption of energy
  • Operating pressures and temperatures are increasing
  • System wear increases
  • Ice build-up on coil

It is usual for an air conditioner with dirty coils to use almost 40% more energy than one with clean coils, in most cases. The cooling function can be reduced by as much as 30%, if necessary.

Coil cleaning methods
  • Compressed air

Use direct compressed air in the opposite direction of the normal airflow across the coil to achieve the desired effect. High-pressure air should be directed either at a 90-degree angle or directly through the fins if you’re using high-pressure air. You can also take professional help like AC Tune Up Near Me.

AC can be turned on after a few hours, as only compressed air has been used.

  • Brushes

Instead of using liquids or chemicals, brush cleaning allows you to apply more pressure to coils and fins with greater control. To avoid damaging the fins, avoid using hard-bristled brushes or wire brushes with hard bristles.

ACs can be turned on after a few minutes since only a brush has been used.

  • Commercial cleaners

The majority of cleaning products are foaming, which breaks down and drains away into the unit’s drainage system after a short period. Follow the product’s instructions and precautions to avoid any problems. It would be better to wait for a few hours before switching on the AC.

  • Mild detergent & water

To clean your evaporator coils, use a mild detergent and warm water. As the solution soaks in and loosens debris, it takes a few seconds to a few minutes. Before using it again, use a soft cloth or brush to remove any loose material.

ACs can be turned on after at least 6 – 7 hours, as detergent and water have been used.

  • Heavy-duty cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance of your A/C evaporator coils should be scheduled as soon as they become heavily soiled or filthy. Removing the coil, cutting and reattaching refrigerant lines, restoring vacuum in the refrigerator lines, and recharging or refilling the system are all possible steps in the process.

It would be better to wait for a few hours before switching on the AC.

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