During summer, the functioning of your AC in its optimal condition is vital for all the members of the household. It is not just about the cooling but also the quality of the air coming out of your air conditioner. That being said, we all know that air filters are the layer of protection that maintains the quality and purity of air. It is necessary to keep your air filters in good condition – for this; you can contact an AC repair in Spring.

So, the point is this – even if an AC can run for a short time without air filters, you are advised against it. Read on to know why.

Performance of an AC without air filters

Your AC can function for a maximum of 6-8 hours without air filters. This is because the longer your system goes without a filter, the more damage it faces. Dust and debris are the major causes for the malfunctioning of an air conditioning system. So, when the filter is removed, too many contaminants accumulate inside the air conditioner and pollute the air that exits your AC.

Why should I not run the AC without air filters?

Air filters are important for the functioning of your AC unit. By filtering out the pollutants, they keep the quality of the air in check. Also, when the filter is in place, the cooling of the system is optimal, so your compressor won’t run for long periods. This will help in reducing your energy bills. For AC tune-up and service, you can give a call to an air conditioning repair in Mongolia.

There are many negative side effects of taking the filter off your AC, and some of them are listed below.

  • Polluted air

The air that gets inside your house through the air conditioner is contaminated with no filters, and you cannot be sure of what all debris it brings in. The dust also clogs the major parts inside your AC and reduces its lifetime.

  • Evaporator coil issues

An evaporator coil is an AC component that absorbs the heat from your house and lets it out. When the contaminants don’t get filtered, they accumulate in the evaporator coil. This leads to the freezing of the evaporator coil due to its inability to perform. You will also face water leakage. Hire a professional from an AC repair in Spring and tune up the unit before significant damage occurs.

  • Damaged compressor unit

Lack of air filters also leads to issues with the compressor. There is a high chance that your unit’s compressor will break down from overwork during the absence of the filters. This will increase the time of the compressor cycle, leading to higher energy consumption.

To avoid these problems, regular maintenance and cleaning of the AC are essential. Get in touch with Air United Mechanical for the best air conditioning repair in Magnolia at affordable rates! Give us a call at (281) 719-0722.