Did you find your air conditioner leaking water? Small amounts of water leakage are normal but excessive water leakage is not. These leaks are caused due to dirty filters. This leaking air conditioner problem is quite common and can be fixed with a simple DIY. However, ignoring this problem might aggravate the issue and cause severe damages to the air conditioner. The following are some tips to fix a leaking AC.

  • Improper Installation Of The Device

If the air conditioner device that you own is new or has been reinstalled recently, then you need to check if the installation of the air conditioner is done correctly. Faulty cooling device installations will lead to refrigerant leaks that cause improper cooling in your home. Check if there is any gap between the unit and also if the drainpipe is exposed. If it’s any of these 2 situations, then there is your reason for leaks. The condensed water will start to drip into your room in these cases. So keep a clear eye while installing the device.

  • Dirty Air Filters

One of the easiest fixes is to change your air filters. When the device is in use during the peak season, that is the summers and winters, change the air filter or clean them at least once every 30 days. Usually, these air filters need to be changed every 30-60 days but, investing in a high-quality air filter will allow you to forget about these filters for 1-2 years. Dirty and dusty air filters will freeze the evaporator coil that causes leaks. When not cleaned or changed correctly, these air filters will also stop your AC from turning on!

  • Damaged Overflow Pan

For this fix, firstly turn off your indoor air handling unit. Then grab a torchlight and check for any crack, leaks, holes, and damages in your drain line and drain pan. The condensate from the evaporator coil is collected by the drain pan that is located under the coil. There is also a pipe that runs from the drainpipe to the outdoor. Make sure to check this pipe along with the drain pan for damages. If any damage is found, you cannot fix them with DIY. Call an expert for ac repair spring to replace it with a new one.

  • Condensate Tray

As mentioned above, the condensate tray collects the condensed water. If this tray is damaged or broken, then the water that it holds will start leaking whenever the air conditioner device is running. Some air conditioning devices detect these damaged or clogged condensate trays and shut the system off automatically until the tray is cleaned. You can try to clean the tray using a long brush, but you cannot repair it if there is any damage. It is better to call for an ac contractor spring to inspect the problem and repair the damage in these cases.

These tips should help you fix your air conditioner quickly. For further details and services related to ac contractor spring and ac repair spring, contact us at (281) 719-0722.