Your air conditioner might stop functioning due to a faulty evaporator! One of the most frustrating situations you might face is a broken air conditioner device on a hot summer day. The evaporator plays an important role by absorbing the heat and humidity from indoors. Read on to find ways you can diagnose a bad air conditioner.

  • Poor Performance

Similar to many issues that air conditioners face, the poor performance of the device is a result of a bad evaporator. The main purpose of an AC evaporator is to liquidate the refrigerant. The warm air that passes through the evaporator coil is cooled down and then circulated in your room. If this evaporator is not working correctly, it will result in poor performance by the device and also affects the air conditioner’s durability. Request an air conditioning repair tomball service when you find your device working poorly.

  • No Temperature Change

When there is a leak in the evaporator coil, the refrigerant is lost. This refrigerant is responsible for cooling your room. Therefore, even when the device is turned on, you will not find any change in the temperature, or even worse, sometimes you may find warm air circulating in your room. The size of the leak will directly affect the conditioners working efficiency. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is reduced in these cases.

  • The Compressor Will Not Activate!

The air conditioner’s compressor unit is responsible for circulating the refrigerant through the evaporator. It depends on maintaining constant pressure to operate correctly. If there is any leak in the evaporator, then the pressure is dropped hence the compressor will not activate. When refrigerant is not circulated by the compressor, the air is not cooled and the desired temperature will not be reached.

  • The Strange Odor From The System!

If you notice any strange aroma blowing from your air conditioner, a leak in the evaporator coil might be a reason. No one enjoys a strange smell circulating in their rooms! Check the evaporator coil for any damages and leaks. If there is a leak in the evaporator coil then the refrigerant that loops through the coil might be leaking. This leaking refrigerant will cause a strange sweet smell that will intensify as the number of leaks increases. Arrange an air conditioning repair spring to rectify the issue.

  • Varying AC Temperatures

Small leaks in the evaporator coil will not cause much damage to the system. However, a large leakage will affect the system’s cooling efficiency. These leaks or any damages in the air conditioner’s evaporator will result in inconsistent temperatures. You might set the thermostat to your desired temperature and still find the room not cooling. This inconvenience is because of the leaks in the evaporator. Even if the thermostat is displaying constant temperatures, due to these leaks, the required temperature will not be met by the system.

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