As summers are just around the corner, many people have already started considering an AC installation near me. However, you will be shocked that many AC installers skip important things to fasten up the process. Yes, an unprofessional installation can give rise to various problems in the future, such as increased energy bills, insufficient airflow, and frequent repairs.

Therefore, it is necessary to contact only professional AC installation and AC replacement near me. Meanwhile, here are some common ways by which your installer might cut corners.

5 Shortcuts Most AC Companies Apply

  • The Ductwork For Each Room/Area Of The House Is Not Correctly Sized

If you are getting new ductwork installed, most companies won’t bother to calculate the air volume needed for each room. There are even instances when the company doesn’t know how to calculate it. Instead, they will just remove the old one and put the new one of the same size!

Whereas a professional company will precisely calculate and provide you with the proper size ductwork. Thus, it will ensure great comfort and efficiency in the long run.

  • ‘Line Set’ Is Not Replaced

Like most homeowners, even companies also ask, “What in the world is a line set?” Most AC systems are “split systems,” meaning that there are two parts- internal and external. A line set, usually made of copper tubes, is responsible for carrying the refrigerant between the two parts. As copper is expensive, most AC companies don’t replace them.

Instead of taking such big risks, take help from certified AC installation near me, who will never skip such a crucial part.

  • Plenum Sheet Metal Transitions For Ductwork Are Not Installed

A plenum box is responsible for pushing chilled air into the ductwork, where sheet metal transactions are essential when connecting to a new network. The problem arises when most AC companies don’t know how to fabricate this sheet metal properly. This will eventually result in cool air escaping before entering into the ductwork.

Only certified AC replacements can do the precise fabrication to keep your system’s efficiency on the peak.

  • Safety Systems Are Not Installed

While a little water dripping from the condensate system is normal, a significant amount of water leaking is a sign of concern. Most companies fail to install safety systems that automatically shut down the AC when a blockage or backed water is detected.

If you don’t check on such leaks, they can cause many damages and hazardous conditions around them.

  • A System With Too Small Air Return

Another big shortcut most companies take is not calculating how big your system’s Air Return needs. A correctly sized air return maintains adequate airflow throughout your house/room. Expert AC installation calculates exact measurements which will meet your house’s specific needs.

Overall, an AC installation is cumbersome work. So, it is best to get the job done by only a professional AC installation or AC replacement near me.

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